what is eazigear?

Why eazigear?

The eazigear idea was conceived for industry professionals by industry professionals out of the sheer frustration of not having it – or something like it – so we went and made it ourselves.

We’ve been there. We’ve done it. We have the tee-shirts to prove it.

So what exactly is eazigear? We are a multi-level service and automation platform for industry professionals that enables gear owners to safely and securely shop out their inventory to registered producers, and conversely enables registered producers to find the best deals on any film equipment.

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“A good Producer is always said to have a ‘Plan D’ in Place.”

Eazigear is built to offer fair deals as far as the alphabet will stretch.

Gear Owners

  • eazigear provides a platform for gear owners to list their gear at their own price, encouraging competitive rates for producers
  • eazigear eLIMINATES DOUBLE-BOOKINGS by creating a pencil system calendar for each profile that is instantly updated and notifies users whenever a pencil status on their profile is updated via push notifications.
  • the eazigear rating system allows gear owners to rate the users of their gear once gear is wrapped and returned.
  • eazigear invoices on behalf of the gear owner through automated systems, saving admin time


  • eazigear SAVEs PRODUCTION TIME for producers as a one-stop-shop for all technical departments and logistic requirements of a film shoot
  • eazigear has created the world’s first automated dashboard for producers, where you can view pencil status on multiple projects, track gear, and save time and resources
  • our built-in eazigear rating system allows producers to rate the gear and owner after wrap of each shoot
  • the eazigear model encourages a free market with gear owners, so you will always get a better deal through eazigear.

Simple time management

Streamline production time through our fast and intuitive dashboard to pencil, issue and pay gear vendors.


Our bread and butter. Our core function is and will always be making it easy to get your equipment on to shoots.


A perfect marriage of the digital and physical world with a dedicated logistics team on hot standby 24/7.


Thinking of selling your gear to upgrade? Great news - we facilitate sales as an added service, and we make it easy.

All items are 100% insured

We have teamed up with industry leading insurance that provides gear cover for the duration of the shoot and transit. Infact, we insist on it.


Yup, first of its kind too! We will host annual auctions online so you can find the best deals used equipment.

Eazigear - the world's first digital platform for film production and gear hire

Eazigear is the world’s first digital solution to the analogue system of how the film industry operates and STREAMLINES HIRE OF PRIVATELY-OWNED FILM GEAR, providing full-service logistics to further enhance time saving for producers, while creating a free market for gear owners.


If you don't find the answer you were looking for below get in touch at hello@eazigear.co.za

Alternatively, check out our terms of use

  • we suggest that all gear advertised as available has been discounted. The rate you set is completely your choice, but note that the rate you set becomes locked once gear is pencilled at that price, and for those dates. You can change it for seperate dates though
  • gear owners keep p1 on their gear and can elect to confirm or decline the user before a pencil is made, so ultimately it’s up to you and who you are comfortable with hiring your gear
  • All users on eazigear are held to a rating system, and we cross-check every producer before they are allowed to trade on the platform
  • We insist that all gear is insured for the duration of the shoot. That’s why we have partnered with an insurance company who have tailored micro-term insurance that specifically covers film equipment on set, and in transit and storage, cover that is ONLY available on the eazigear platform
  • make a note if it is required that you operate the gear and include your operator fee
  • eazigear pays gear owners within 7 days of funds received from the producer 
  • eazigear works on a 30% commission structure (excl. VAT) on each hire, charged to the producer 
  • eazigear will run your diary for your gear
  • producers / users will select the dates they require the gear pencilled or confirmed and users will be notified 
  • we expect that if an item is listed on eazigear, it is in 100% working condition
  • you must notify us via your dashboard of any down time for maintenance on the gear item, which will update the item as unavailable for that time period. As soon as you get it back, it’s a simple click to restore the status to available
  • once a pencil is confirmed, eazigear will notify gear owners of the gear check information and the information of the tech team
  • You can elect to deliver the gear to gear check yourself, or have one of our fleet vehicles collect the gear from you and deliver it to gear check. Insurance kicks in from the moment it leaves your hands. We keep all parties in the loop via push notifications so that everyone is always informed as to where, when and how things are running
  • eazigear will invoice on your behalf for the hire of your gear and pay you within 7 days of funds received 
  • eazigear requires payment from the production within 7 days of wrap, and we pay gear owners within 7 days of received payments