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RØDE just announced a new addition to their directional shotgun microphone NTG line – the NTG5. It is a lightweight (76g) and compact microphone (length is only 203mm), which features acoustic port design providing superior progressive wave interference, and broadcast-grade sound.

Australian audio company RØDE is quite familiar to most filmmakers. They have quite a few different lines of microphones and audio gear. One of them is the NTG – line of directional “shotgun” microphones. RØDE just announced the NTG5, which is the newest addition to the line. What are its features and specs?

RØDE NTG5 Shotgun Microphone

The first microphone in the NTG range, the NTG1 was released already in 2005. Since then RØDE kept innovating the mic and for instance, the NTG3 has gotten very popular. The NTG5 is the next step in the evolution of this range. The most noticeable innovation is the new body. The design has been completely overhauled, with circular acoustic ports replacing the linear slots found in other shotgun mics.

This new design is the result of acoustic testing during the development of the TF5 – RØDE’s new premium small diaphragm condenser mic. The TF5’s capsule features a unique perforated acoustic vent design. That’s why the NTG5 also has acoustic perforations employed along the length of the microphone.

The result is acoustic transparency, and a natural, uncolored sound. That will sound superb in a wide variety of applications. The microphone offers tailored frequency response and very low self-noise of just 10dbA. It has a highly directional super-cardioid polar pattern and a smooth off-axis response. RF-bias technology and conformal coating ensure great performance in adverse weather conditions.

New to Eazigear?

The NTG5 is very lightweight at just 76g and quite short with 203mm. That makes it easier to handle on set than other shotgun mics, especially when used on a boom pole. It comes in a complete location recording kit with the new WS10 windshield, pistol grip, and other accessories.

Price and Availability

RØDE NTG5 will be available soon. The retail price has been set to $499. We will update the article as soon as we get more information about the availability.

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