the world's first digital platform for film production and gear hire

Eazigear is the world’s first digital solution to the analogue system of how the film industry operates and STREAMLINES HIRE OF PRIVATELY-OWNED FILM GEAR, providing full-service logistics to further enhance time saving for producers, while creating a free market for gear owners. 

Simple time management

Streamline production time through our fast and intuitive dashboard to pencil, issue and pay gear vendors.


A perfect marriage of the digital and physical world with a dedicated logistics team on hot standby 24/7.

All items are 100% insured

We have teamed up with industry leading insurance that provides gear cover for the duration of the shoot and transit. Infact, we insist on it.


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Hi, welcome to eazigear! 👋 I'm James, co-founder of the company. Send me a message here if you need assistance with anything and it will come directly to my phone via Whatsapp.
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